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    Who developed the Hawaii Web Style Guide? The State of Hawaii, Office of Information Management & Technology (OIMT) developed this web style guide in collaboration with Hawaii Information Consortium through an RCUH solicitation, RFP 2012-008. The web style guide, along with the state web template, are part of OIMT’s efforts to establish a consistent look […]

  • Themes, Colors, and Typography

    Themes There are a variety themes for the template. The theme designs draw inspiration from the beauty of Hawaii. Each theme has a set background image and color scheme. For example, the following are three themes and color schemes. Color Schemes For each theme, the color scheme complements the background image. This creates a cohesive […]

  • Page Layouts

    The web template has 3 page layouts: Home page, Sidebar (default), and Full-width. All layouts have the same common sections: header, navigation, and footer. Differences between page layouts are in the content area (and the Home page can have a rotating banner and dashboard buttons). Home Page Layout The home page layout has sections and elements as […]

  • Template

    This style guide uses the state website template. The template has three page layouts: Home, Sidebar (default), and a Full-width page. The template has sections and elements that will be common for all state agencies. The sections that will remain throughout all sites include: Header: sliver header, logos, site title, and search [optional header elements […]