Themes, Colors, and Typography


There are a variety themes for the template. The theme designs draw inspiration from the beauty of Hawaii. Each theme has a set background image and color scheme. For example, the following are three themes and color schemes.

Screenshot of ocean inspired theme
Makai theme
Screenshot of sand-inspired theme
Sandy beach theme
Screenshot of taro leaf inspired theme
Aina theme

Color Schemes

For each theme, the color scheme complements the background image. This creates a cohesive design from page to page, while adhering to the overall look & feel of the state template.

Color swatches for Makai theme

Makai Theme
The design concept of the Makai theme is the ocean. The color scheme includes:

Color swatches for Sandy theme

Sandy Beach Theme
The design concept of the Sandy theme is soil and sand. The color scheme includes:

Color swatches for Aina theme

Aina Theme
The design concept of the Aina theme is the taro leaf. The color scheme includes:



The themes establish the fonts used in the template. The font-family is set to Open Sans with fallback fonts Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, and sans-serif. Special tags <pre> and <code> are set to monospace font-family. Font sizes and line spacing have been established to improve readability.

Use bold and italic to add emphasis, but use sparingly.  Use <h1> through <h6> tags for headings (not to only increase text size).